“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life”, says Picasso

Creative performing is amazingly engaging and inspiring
and provokes emotional intelligence towards new insights of self and well being

For this purpose we warmly recommand our monthly workshops of

Soul Retreating

– for corporate health

“… I’m jumping down the stairs looking so much forward to the next hours. Apart from the fact that I love my work, every day of it, these hours of well being are the best moments of the month.

During the sessions the world falls away around me and I precede inspired, invigorated, and happy. I feel a change of values and life attitudes. It’s not only that creativity may fly through the air in a fan of materials, techniques, high mood and passion inducing me with assertiveness and courage, or that the contemplative opening of a watercolor box, the pouring of water into a bowl, the testing of a brush’ smoothness against my cheek, as I wacht the colors’ spetacular flow across a sensual sheet of paper ALWAYS transfers me into a meditative state of mind, it is also our fabulous teachers (animatrice) gentle and subtle guidance of reaching below our belts toward our inner core of subconsciousness and intuition…”

Most often art performance DOES make us respond in new ways to the world around us
and so very often promotes a top quality work environment
of satisfied coworkers

Once a month Art in Business invites …… In this context, it is possible to create the new and the untried.

No prerequisites are required only interest, curiosity and the source of your fingers.

We join you or you visit us
We come to your place or you come to ours